Friday, June 24, 2011

Under the coconut tree we stay.

Photos from the Mega Kitty event a week ago! It was packed with people! I swear the queue was fucking long. Like seriously, all the way pass dragonfly. hahaha thank God my friends came early and they could get in early. 
Rina and I! (I hope you had a good time even though you've had some bad encounter!)

Peg & I! 
Xe and I! (hehehe sorry the queue was fucked up!)
My hubbyyyyyyyyy 
 The boysss
 My favorite girls! muacks
 Our guest list ticket! hahaha 
 A picture with the kitty catttttttttt
 On the dance flooorrrrrrrrr
 With Jacob and Andreiiii (I know I look shitty but who cares) 
 All my best buds! woohoo

And well, the Mega Kitty event was considered a success, so many people went! Peg and I only got into Powerhouse after 2am! As we had like very little alcohol, (only beer), it was quite boring. But thanks to John, he treated us to Graveyard! hahah but by then it was almost 5 so oh well, I still had a lot of fun with everyone! Thanks to those who got their tickets from me muacks muacks to all of you! 

YAY Ladies night! <3 
 Peg, Me, Xanthe and Michelle! 
Peg & I!
 Xanthe & Michelle! 
 Xanthe & Peg! 
 Another group photooooo 
Michelle and I! 
Ladies night was awesome as well. Before going down with the guys, I went to meet Jabez for dinner! It was like damn long since we met and we chatted about everything there is! hahah & well went to find the guys at 515 before driving me back to make up, then we headed to Powerhouse! Found the girls and we had a blast! hahhaa only for awhile though 'cause I had to leave early :'( But I still had an awesome time. heheh Thanks to KC's friend, Daryl(?) who treated me to Graveyard. It was awesome. Didn't get to get my free drinks as the queue was super long :'( Oh well.. hahah but yeah, had an awesome time. Can't wait for this Sat! Willis' birthday celebration heheh <3

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