Wednesday, June 8, 2011


So well an impromptu decision to head down to Sentosa! Peggy called me in the morning and told me to wake up and get ready to go Sentosa. As a good sport, I went to prepare and they picked me up, we went to wake Gary up, had brunch and headed to Sentosa!
Gary acting all gay. hahaha 

Yup, like a gay... 

Hehehe so cute right? Yong Qi bought it for me! 

Settling downnnnnnn 

Gary and I! 

Peg and I <3

Spot Gary behind hahahaha 

Siao girl wanna take photo with the sand ball she created! haha


After settling down at Siloso beach, sun-tanning, playing frisbee, playing with water, eating chips and all I couldn't take the sea water on me so we headed to Cafe Del Mar and chill. 

With my 'Sex on the Beach' and Peg's 'Mango Tango'.

hehehe the 5 of us! 

I look like small boy right omg 

Andrew and I!

The 3 guys that Peg toll around since the day before hahaa 

Then we showered there and got in the car to head for dinner! We were all wondering where to go and decided on some ulu place to eat zhi char. 

After dinner we headed to Yishun Dam to slack awhile before heading home. It was a hell of a day and I had a lot of fun and I know they did too heheheh 

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