Saturday, June 4, 2011

Powerhouse craze!

Hahaha so recently as many of you know, I've been going clubbing. Mostly to powerhouse as Peggy loves Powerhouse (ph = peggy's house) so ya lor I've been going there quite frequently.
Willis also another one, goes to powerhouse frequently too.

So last Saturday, after going to City Harvest with Peggy and Charmaine and also peg's friend Darrion, we met some new church friends and had JustAcia for dinner! It was Margaret's treat that night as I was super broke and well, thank God for her blessing! Hehe

Yummyy Yummy 

Hahahaha Charm's usual self. 

Peg and I! (People keep saying we look like sisters!)

Omg Charm look like she's going bai nian hahahaha 

Sisters! Da yu and Xiao yu 

Then after having dinner, Peggy and I went to Powerhouse and looked for Willis! Hung out with his friends to drink, play drinking games, and then we went to the Podium and danced!
hahaha Danced with Beverly and all at the podium.
Hehehe a photo with Willis! See how fortunate he is muahaha 
With Willis' friend, Ben! 

Then well, met some new guys at powerhouse and got to know that they're from rp too!
But well, let's keep that a mystery for now. hahaha
hehehe a photo with the girls while Peggy went missing somewhere... 

I had a really good time at powerhouse with them! hehehe Thanks to Willis I was able to get home! xoxo

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