Friday, June 3, 2011

A day out with my girls.

I know I'm so behind time uploading pictures and blogging 'cause I really have no time! But hey, I'm uploading now! hehehehehe
My beloved bbgs muacks 

Cy and I! 

hahahah yes I look retarded. Hmm.. I ALWAYS LOOKED RETARDED ok maintain ahah 

So yes I was supposed to be studying with Cheng Yan but turns out we went to semb to look for Rina and Xe before heading down to have lunch at Pastamania then to Scape's flea to shop! Hahaha I know fail right 'cause cy and I were supposed to study but oh well.. we shopped awhile, I got some clothes and we settled down at Old Town Coffee to have dinner and study!

We then met Alfred and headed back together!
hahhaa and yes chatted in the train and well another day well spent with my friends. Heh

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