Friday, May 6, 2011


I'm currently stranded at some ulu place and all I wanna go is home. Serious. Sigh. But my friends are here so it's ok! Waiting for them to be done!

Heh heh so I decided to blog some photos! ha ha ha I recently just took this 2 photos.

 I can't help not scratching my face and every time I do that bits of my make up falls off. It's like I'm scrapping my make up away. It's damn gross. ha ha h a

& now I'm sticky, itchy and not in the best of mood. But it's ok, for my friends, I'm willing to be ok. I have to be.

My sad face I hate the fucking weather 

My oh well no choice face the weather is this bad and humid what to do!??!

Ok still waiting for friends but my mood is getting better because Jesus reminded me about love! Woohoo I love all of my friends not to forget Xe's birthday is coming! heh heh but I'm fucking broke i'm sorry girl I couldn't get anything nice for you :'( 

Alright, I've nothing more to blog about. Till next time xoxo 

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