Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stay Away

We were afraid. Afraid of people getting close to us. We were afraid of opening up. Afraid of letting the world, the people around us, see us. We were afraid, afraid of letting the people around us see us in every perspective. See us in every light, judge us. We’re all prone to judgement. We were afraid, that once we open up, once we let people in our tiny box, once we allow others to step in, to our own secret world, they’ll scorn. Once we let them see, the flaws, everything, about us, they’ll leave. We were afraid, of people leaving actually. It wasn’t that we don’t want people to come in, it’s not that we cannot open up, it’s not that we were not friendly. It’s just that we’re afraid. We’re cowards. Scared of people coming into our lives and once we grew accustomed to their presence in our lives, they would leave. They’ll regret, ever, stepping into our little world. We all have our differences, we all have our flaws, and what if you can’t accept them? Then what? It’s time for you to leave? Well, people normally do. & the world, that has already been shifted, to fit, you, now is a void. A hole. Nothingness. Like a poker card castle. Our world crash. All the cards scattered on the floor. Our broken world. That’s all that is left. Then we’re left all alone, trying to pick up the pieces, and fixing our world again. Building up the poker card castle card by card again. & every time it falls, the cards become flimsier and flimsier. It gets harder and harder for the castle to be rebuilt. Every little small wind, can cause the castle to tumble down. Yes, that’s my world. It gets darker and darker, it gets emptier and emptier. There’s no point putting in a Sun in there if it was going to fall again and again. No point making my world beautiful, because eventually, those who come in will see the ugliness in it and leave again destroying my world all over again. It’s like a cycle isn’t it? So what’s the point in letting people in anymore? When you know they can never truly, accept you and all your flaws.

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