Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ruth's mini Birthday Celebration

My blog has been dead for so long. Ok not long but still, quite long ok I'm not making sense.
So I'm slowly trying to revive my blog. I really have no time to blog, 'cause I've got work, school and well, partying? hahaha but mostly I'm working so yup :'(

My beloved Boo! <3

Yay pretty girls HA

My husband and I muahahaha

Awwwwwww so cuteeeee~

Hehehehe Da'en with our birthday cards!

Group photoooooo

These photos are actually taken quite some time ago and well it was on facebook la. So nothing much. Planned a small surprise for xe 'cause she don't wanna celebrate her birthday but I want to have a celebration with her I mean it's her birthday month! I hope she really enjoyed herself ;)

This month is really a very broke month for me. I don't even have money to buy her her birthday present :'(
Sorry boo I'll get it when I get my pay ok? xoxo

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