Monday, May 9, 2011

Let's draw the line.

You know it's hard to say that I didn't regret knowing you. 'Cause I did. I really did. I would have not have learnt many things, I would have not been exposed to another world, maybe not knowing you I would've been a nerd, someone unknown. I would've been the girl at the bleachers. The girl on the sidelines. But girl, I really wish I didn't know you. I wish 4 years ago I didn't met you, didn't like you and didn't want to be your friend. I wish that if time goes back, I would've transferred out of Christ Church. Girl I'm sorry you used to mean a lot to me. The only problem was I didn't mean that much to you. The only problem was that you judged me, you didn't trusted me. So fuck you. Fuck you for not believing in me. Fuck you for being so quick to leave me and then come back because you wanted to pretend nothing happened but everything happened. You know what I needed? I didn't need another friend to not believe and leave me every time something happens. I didn't need another friend to make me feel like a piece of fucking shit. You know what I need? I need you to know that I'm better without you girl. Thank you for the sweet memories. I appreciate them but it's time to move on. Let 'em know we're not friends anymore. Yes, It's all my fault. Yes I'm a terrible friend. Sorry and Goodbye Sex Partner.

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