Monday, April 4, 2011

Was it goodbye yet?

Had a very busy day on Saturday.

The best day of someone's life, could be the worst day of another's.

Fear gripped everyone's heart really badly I must say, including mine. I could literally see death's clutches tightening on his throat. Questions and doubts and tears and pain and emotions filled my heart and my mind and all I could think about was it could've been better. I could've done better. But let's keep it at that.

Yesterday was a great family day too. Sunday,family day, visiting, dinner at Paradise Dynasty was good. Everything's good. It's time for me to head to bkk in like a day's time. I'll come back with pictures and hopefully a good video. Pray for safety and a good time. A break from reality,they say retail therapy is the best isn't it?

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