Friday, April 29, 2011

Fun time with Classmates!

First was having dinner at Ikea with Brenda and Charmaine! It was really enjoyable! We talked our hearts out and laughed and well, had a great time.

Heh heh our wallets in our favorite color! 



Oh and here's a picture of my newly put tattoo. heh heh my ring so cute right. My tattoo is not fully healed so it's still quite dark.

Today in class, my taitais and I had a lot of fun on photobooth!
Charmaine and I! 

ha ha ha Char, Peg and I!

YAY All the taitais! 

Heh heh thanks to them school each weekdays were pretty enjoyable! Actually, all of my classmates are really fun and interesting! I like my class W47R! <3

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