Thursday, April 14, 2011

Faster watch Faster!

Orientation day was quite boring. My team wasn't enthusiastic and well, I had a boring day. Other than that, the people I met were alright, but I just never seem to meet people like me you know? Like sometimes you see girlfriends dressing up almost like each other, and I really adore it. But it never seems to happen in my case. Well, there was once but oh well.... So yup my friends and I we are all really different. But yes they're nice good people. ha ha

After Orientation, I met my 4e3 people and we went for dinner at Pastamania, North Point! The ambience there was superb!
Amanda, Fayth and I!
Daniel and Andrei!
Ashley and Ann! 
Anisah,Dian and Malcolm a.k.a. emoboy94
Took pictures with Andrei and Zi Tian! 
Marcus,the pedophile Kindergarten girls killer.

We ate,chatted and well talked about everything!
Yum Yum...
Then we impromptu went to watch 'Faster'! The movie was at 7.40pm and it was like 7.43pm already so we were like 'faster you wanna watch faster not'? and 'faster watch faster' ha ha hilarious.
Something was wrong halfway through 'cause we forgot to get another ticket but all was settled well thanks to Marcus and Andrei! We weren't planning on watching a movie so we were not dressed right! ha ha we were all freezing at the end of the movie. Poor marcus who sat beside me had to tolerate me clutching his hand like a cat but his body warmth helped though heh heh thanks!

Had a really awesome time with 'em and I hoped the next 4e3 outing will be more successful with more people going and LESS people backing out! Xoxo

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