Sunday, April 10, 2011

BKK with Rinaaaaaaa

I just came back from bkk and it was great! Went shopping but I didn't really see a lot of things I like. I mean, all the clothes there are all so typical bugis street clothing or far east plaza clothing and I'm not that sort. So clothes there are really not my type. Oh well, I guess prolly 'cause we went on weekdays so we didn't get to go Chatuchak weekend market? Oh well... There's always next time!
But first, we had a farewell dinner with Tiffany, Xiao'en and Rina!

Wanted to have Astons but there were too many people so we had Fish & Co. instead! It was my second time there and I find the food satisfying and well expensive too no doubt.

Check out the video I've made from the photos from bkk~

Sorry if the video seems rushed! I'll do better next time;)

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