Monday, March 28, 2011

What happens in 2e3,stays in 2e3.

ha ha ha the title kinda says it all. I mean yup,scandalous huh. Don't worry we're only like 17 so no fornication HA. But we left the chalet, with more than just our selves and dirty clothes. 'Cause I left with a sun burnt face, injuries all over and well, let's just say it was a wild 2 nights. heh I had lots of fun though. Don't let anything else affect that.

So we met on Friday afternoon,got on the bus and headed to Costa Sands Resort Downtown East!
Everything was going well until I signed up for NTUC member to get discount for the chalet but got rejected 'cause I'm not 18 yet. Like WTF?!?! I wasted $27 on it. Ugh.

Ok then we CHECKED IN. Woohoo. Guess what was the first thing they did when they settled down? Played poker. I know right. & within like 45 minutes, Shengdong lost $90. This is too epic, man.

So we went to NTUC (in courtesy of not wasting my NTUC card ugh) to buy drinks! 

Went back and well, they played poker AGAIN! Why do they not get sick of it. We headed to the food court and had dinner. Walked over to the other chalet, and rented bikes overnight! Too bad we only rode for like an hour? But hey that hour we spent riding to Changi Village and back to buy alcohol. It was so fun, riding down slopes and up also witnessing a bike accident (oh well). 

We were all drained after riding and so the boys went  out while we girls stayed in, bathed and all.
After everyone showered, we all had a pure shot of Chivas and that got us going for the Truth or Dare. I shall skip the details.
So we played till around 4 plus and got to sleep. Woke up at 9.30 in the morning and drove everyone to wash up, return rental bikes, eat breakfast and we all headed to Wild Wild Wet! Had loads of fun! Frankly  it was kinda boring, but the company was awesome so we laughed, played and was tortured by the sun. I tell you I'm all burnt. My face, which was kinda fair, now is brown. Tanned. and red. Ugh. So I'm quitting all efforts to becoming fair.

BBQ night was great! We bbq-ed, laughed, chatted, drank, drunk, snapped and as usual when we're having fun, time passes especially faster.

Then truth or dare on night 2 AGAIN ha ha ha and everyone had pure shots of bacardi now.
Got me going a wee bit crazy that night so pardon everyone, hope I didn't ruin your night. heh heh
Heart-to-heart talk with Vicki Ng that 'WIN LIAO LOR' woman, hugs from boo and well bad emotions came and gone. Even kena scolded by Eugene :'(  ha ha ha ha ha
But yeah I slept early and I knew everyone else had fun! Which was awesome.
Quite sad that some people didn't come. But oh well, YOU DID MISS OUT A LOT OF FUN!
Looking really forward to the next 2e3 '08 outing!

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