Thursday, March 17, 2011

We took a leap and fell into mud.

Today,mundane wednesday it is.

Quite amazingly Esther managed to woke me up from my deep slumber. Mmmm...
So I only had like 4 plus hours of sleep.
Woke up,bathed and met Esther for breakfast and we headed down to Christ Church Secondary School and went for the drama rehearsal. I must say they've all grown and their acting skills have tremendously improved! Though one must never be too satisfied. Continue to strive girls and you'll get somewhere! Hopefully they'll get at least a Silver for SYF this year!

Went to meet Marie and lunched at Pastamania (again), chatted and well she showed me tickets to the lo and behold..... MAROON 5 CONCERT THIS 25 APRIL 2011 !!

I tell you I'm damn excited about it! I'm so going to download Maroon 5's album and listen to their song,have 'em in my head and sing along to them!
Yay went jogging with Xe and Hugo dog! Haven't been running/jogging or practically exercising for a very long time!
Oh well,work tomorrow. Ugh. 

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