Tuesday, March 15, 2011

& we partied like kids on steroids.

So on 19 Feb, Jolyn and I went for Smoove's Scape party. Hmm... I personally think it sucks. Maybe 'cause I went too early? Or I didn't have alcohol? Or there were just too many bengs and lians? Or there were just blangas there waiting to pounce on any small little girls they can grind up to. Ugh. Disgusting. Throughout the whole night either Jolyn or I would be pushing one another to move to some other corner to dance 'cause the crowd weren't good at all.
I should've expected fights to happen 'cause oh well after all it's still a UNDERAGE party and people are just not matured enough.

So we danced the night away and took a cab home at 5 in the morning. I wouldn't say it wasn't a good experience,after all,I had fun just being with Jolyn. So all else doesn't really matter.
Except for the music, I must say the music wasn't good that night.

& I especially detest guys who asks their friends to ask a girl to dance. I mean seriously?!?! Where's your fucking balls,man?
Is it so difficult to just ask the girl yourselves huh huh huh?!?!! I got a lot of that that night. Pisses me off. I smiled and shook my head.

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