Monday, March 14, 2011

& time continue to make its way,bringing us together.

Sorry for the late post,but anyway! About like one month ago,I met up with my primary school friends for Steamboat dinner,Seoul Garden at Northpoint!
I tell you the food wasn't really very good and it was $27! FML.
& here's our always cute and adorable smiley sharon!
& here's hjj and I. Bickering every time we meet.
Us girls! Without Peiyu,huimin :(
After a few rounds of steamboat,we headed to Safra to see if we could play something,either bowling or pool. 
Too bad everyone were in a don't-feel-like-playing or don't-know-how-to-play mood so we took 2 cabs down to waterfront and before that,took a vodka pit stop at a 7-11 nearby.
& yes to Waterfront,you should never miss this. It's addictively fun and you'll puke your guts out if you keep spinning and spinning especially after a huge dinner. 
Jolyn and I! Babe much.
Xiao Qian and Sharon. 

& we talked,dranked,walked,cabbed,smiled and said goodbye. 
Another day gone.
Spent wisely. 

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