Thursday, March 31, 2011

Serving ice cream?

That might just be my future job. I went for Ben and Jerry's interview today at the zoo and it all seemed pretty well. I had a good feeling about it thank God so all's good. But still have to see whether my first day turns out good,or not. So yup,hopefully the manager will call me! PLEASE PLEASE let me have the jobbbbbbbbbb Godddddddddd ha ha ha thank You You're the best muacks <3

So nowadays as you can see I'm free and at home rotting my flesh away. Kinda ok now since I've my macbook pro to kill my boredom like a perfectly trained slayer slashing away bits of boredom crawling near me.

There's so much to do but I'm just so lazy :( :( :( :( so so so lazy and yes I'm procrastinating. Just done with about 2 episodes of Gossip Girl and right now I'm just trying to upload the FRIGGIN' videos again but fate doesn't allow it! I can't upload all my videos! I'm not saying they're good videos actually,they're pretty badly put together ones but hey I'm an amateur so pardon me ok? Cut me some slack!

ok now I'm pretty embarrassed about showing my video. ugh. :'(

My sister's wedding is on Saturday and they'll all be heading to my room to do make up and all for the traditional chinese wedding ceremony. So I HAVE to pack my room! But right now I'm procrastinating and I don't know where to start. I've bags to clear, clothes to shove into my wardrobe, tables to tidy, dust to dust,etc!

Here to bore you with some photobooth effect pictures of me. I'm so bored bored bored

There's so many things I wanna buy for school! Boots,clothes,shoes,blazers,etc!
 Sigh so much for my peasant state right now. I hope my pay will be good. It's only $6 per hour if I am able to work at B & J but I'm already thankful for that. So all's good!
Oh did y'all check out Kate Moss for Longchamp? I loveeeee it I think it's absolutely gorgeous!
Shall go and see what else I can munch on. Toodles~

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