Friday, March 25, 2011

Our big cuts

LOOK AT MY GIRL! Heh heh her big day to cut her hair short! Well, she said out of frizziness,tangled hair etc... so yes here we are,on a journey further away from Rapunzel and her long awesome flawless hair.
 Ugh, messy hair me. 
Approaching a new look! Excited much!
Accompanying her through her 'BIGGEST' moment! hahaha 

Goodbye the old.

Oh and after a big 'PHEW' from the outcome of the hair cut which was AWESOME! We had Burger King. & I tell you the fish burger SUCKS. Judging from sya's face I think you can tell. 

Ok so with a cute hairstyle you have to do a cute face. Heh 

Nice hair huh? ;)


Heh heh still going strong for nearly 9 years! <3
So we went through long hair together and then 
Tadah short hair together! 

Headed to my place for a shower then I went over to her place for sleepover! Impromptu one. heh heh 

Lots of pictures over on facebook! Check 'em out here !

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