Thursday, March 24, 2011

O New York,Hollywood,Far Far Away,Madagascar and Mummy returns.

I went to USS today finally with Xiao'En, Rina and Tiffany!
We reached there a little too late as it was already 1.30 when we got in, but I tell you it was tons of fun!
So we got the tickets, $72 ugh heart pain!
And like kiasu Singaporeans,go USS must take this picture :

Got through the gates and wow I tell you the atmosphere there is so different! It feels as though you're not in Singapore anymore and you're in some mystic fairytale land full of wonders and excitement!

& well the first thing I want to do when I went in was to GET ON THE BATTLESTAR GALACTICA!
It was awesome. Nothing short of perfection. The ride was thrilling and I tell you I felt like my heart was gonna literally fall out of my ribs and out of my chest. Yes I played both the cylon and the human ones. SHAME ON YOU TIFFANY who didn't wanna try the blue one 'cause there's a 360% turn! :(

We went right on to the Mummy Return ride which we stupidly didn't bring our cameras to take the scene inside which was extremely awesome 'cause of the tombs,mummy and all that crap. But oh well. The first time we went,the waiting time was like 40 minutes. Then they told us that there's a short delay. THEN they announced that there's some technical issues so there's no certain amount of time that the ride would be fixed and ready to go. Lots of people left leaving us nearer but I thought it would still take quite long even after the ride was fixed. We were thinking whether we should stay in line or leave. Just as we made up our mind and decided to go,an announcement came on saying the ride was fixed! Amen! Everyone cheered and clapped and yes happy moment number 1! At first there were commotions about heavy rain outside and all our moods kinda just sank as everything was not going according to what we've planned but then the ride went up and when we headed outside the rain STOPPED! God bless us so much <3

After that,we were like the 2nd ride in queue and the Mummy ride is not to be missed!

We headed to get our stuff from the locker and took lots and lots of pictures!

We finally got to Far Far Away and it really makes me want to be a princess! The castle was so nice! Irresistible and I had to take a picture with it even though there were so many people around.

We had the fried chicken there and it was the best chicken I've ever had! I thought the standard will be like KFC's but it's totally different! It's crunchier and more tender and tastes so much better! Omg just missing the chicken now and I can still taste it in my mouth Yummm...

Rushed out after eating and took photos again! I love Far Far Away everything is just so beautiful!
There was a Donkey show coming up so we decided to go for that and just as we were about to enter it started raining again! Yay God blessed us as we were indoors again! Sheltered from the rain <3

We came out from the Donkey show and yes the rain stopped. It was still drizzling a bit but I meant only like A BIT! 'Cause we were already planning to watch the Shrek 4D so we went in to watch that! It was super fun! The 4D effects were really fun and real and it really was an experience not to be missed! Heh Heh.

Next in line was Madagascar! There didn't seem to be much there but we took pictures and I grooved to 'We like to move it move it' to get in the Madagascar Mood!

Headed to the 'New York' section and I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it! It has always been my dream to live in New York and work there one day. Oh well,one day.

Jurassic Park was super dreamy! & I must say I love the saying' 60 million years in the making' (if I'm not wrong)
Played the wet ride and I got like friggin' wet 'cause we didn't buy the raincoat! *stares at tiffany*

Then there's the sci-fi area where the Battlestar Galactica and all the sci-fi shit were! 
We took lots of pictures with famous characters and stars like betty boop (is that how it's spelled?) & Marilyn Monroe even the Scorpion King and a Cleopatra look-alike.
Marilyn Monroe! ha ha 
The fireworks to finish off our night was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ! Seriously! 

 We were awe-strucked and it completely ended our night magically. I must say this is one of our most successful outing ever! I had an awesome time with 'em! Hopefully our next outing together will be soon
 Goodbye USS :'(


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