Thursday, March 31, 2011

If we own a time machine,

We probably will be doing the worse thing our mind can ever conjure up and just go back in time and change it. (so to seem like we weren't evil at all)

Yes, I'm bored. I'm uploading class chalet's video on vimeo and it's only like 4%? Ugh.
Ok 5 minutes passed and only 5%. Ugh.

Since this is a random post about random stuff, I must say I've missed you. Yes you. But maybe not. Ok I am conflicted. I admit I'm a little loony sometimes, emotions overflowing every now and then....

Plus I'm going for an interview tomorrow at the zoo. Ben and Jerry's. Hopefully may God make my path there. If not, it's still ok. I know He has plans. To prosper me etc.... So I'm not afraid.

Ok Gossip Girl has been on my head for like days or even weeks since I got internet on my macbook pro and well, I'm totally addicted. Secretly, I'm Blair. & well Syahilah's Serena. heh heh our childhood games all over again. I lloveeeeeeee childhood games. Especially those that plays with hair,dress ups and yada yada girl games.

So yes, now the video is 22%. Hmm.. an improvement.

Now I got thinking about my birthday celebration. Hmm.. I really have nothing up my sleeves now. Thanks to last year's ruined birthday celebration, I totally have not much enthusiasm for the day that I was born. But really, it isn't such a big deal actually. Lots of people don't celebrate their birthdays and even though I'm one person to LOVE festive occasions like birthdays,christmas and all. Still, I should learn to be just contented. & whatever. Don't bother about anything. Forget it.

Then I got thinking about my birthday wishlist! heh heh ok now I know this is terrible for my friends but hey I promise I won't expect anything..... *cross fingers*

  • Dream Journal (hey this isn't too expensive ok and I think it's pretty acceptable!)
  • Jeremy Scott's new design for Swatch (I tell you I fell in love with the white swatch watch with wings! omg *faints*)
  • Doc Marts Green Boots! (ok getting more unrealistic)
  • Ipod nano/classic/touch (I'm still in love with the nano. Though right now my heart is swaying towards the classic. Itouch is really just for my ego boost. But not that much actually.)

Ok now my video stopped at 25%. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF STAB ME PLEASE. Ok I give up. I shall upload it on youtube.
Ok now youtube needs at least 50 minutes. ok I have time.

Back to my wish list, hmm... I CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE OMGGGGGGG
I'm becoming such a thrifty. yay?
Alright and I've recentt browsed through my archives. YET AGAIN and I saw this picture of me and I can't help thinking how GOOD I look in short bangs. ha ha ha I know right

Tell me I look good.. ok a bit weird. Fine quite weird but whatever I loved it!

This has officially turned into a rant post. Oh now I'm reading 'Norwegian Wood' by the oh so famous Haruki Murakami. I'm halfway through and I think it's quite good. There's quite some parts where I don't understand so I think I'm going to read it more than once. Then hopefully, I'll get all the other Haruki Murakami books as well. I'm a bookworm, always has been so I don't wanna lose that root when I start poly and well,dwell into technology more. 

Hmm... I'm thinking of revamping my room. YET AGAIN. I've like a totally awesome idea on how to arrange my bags but I've totally no more space left. I need to shift stuff in my room,start to save up for a new wardrobe and well make my room a little cozier and nice. Need ikea trip? Hmm... probably.

Well, my sister's wedding is this Saturday and I bailed on being her wedding emcee. I couldn't do it. It's just so much different doing it for your family then for someone else. I want her wedding to be absolutely gorgeous and perfect not some roughly put together one so yup! Will be praying for the wedding! 

Then well my trip to bkk with Rina in less than a week! We're both excited so hopefully the trip will be a nice one,no sensitivity,no bad feelings no nothing just fun and laughter and love and excitement and everything else! <3 <3 <3 

Ciaozxcs xoxo

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