Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Honestly,who wouldn't be laughing?

I tell you photobooth is the RIGHT thing to do when you're bored. It's great for passing time,have a joyous moment with your friends and just be CRAZY.

I went to meet Xiao'En after work today! We wanted to discuss about our class chalet's BBQ food but instead we were doing other things,skyping with Esther and Marie and then looking at BKK stuff. Rina showed me some girl's blog about their trip to bangkok and I tell you I feel so happy that I'm actually going! It's like the 3rd time I'll be on a plane and I'm excited! First time I'm heading overseas with my friend as well! Only Rina and I will be going so it's gonna be dangerous,exciting,adventurous and all the vocabulary that I can't think of! hahahahaha

I really pray and hope that we would have a great trip,no arguments,no panicky moments,no fears,no negative moments! We'll just be having fun shopping,doing manicure and pedicure,eyelash extension ETC!

So yes,back to meeting Xiao'En. So we headed to Causeway Point's newly opened Macdonalds and there was no wifi! Like WTF MACDONALDS NO WIFI?!?!@?!?@?!??!?@?!@??!?~!?~?!?!?!@!?@?!?@?!??!?!?!

Ok luckily I bought my usb modem so I could use the internet.
Mary came and we chatted for awhile before heading back home! It's been long since I last saw her and boy do I miss her! ;)
Look @ 

Heh heh gonna go sleep! 

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