Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hakuna Matata

As you can see from the uhem picture. Use mirror la then you can see clearly but I bet your brain functions well enough to see that it reads' THE LION KING'. 
The set was awesome I tell you! The props were more than good,costume really seem like a lot of hard work was made just sewing some costume? 'Cause I saw some fabric ones. Other than costume,their vocals were really good. I loved the part where the 'Hakuna Matata' friends came in! Everyone couldn't stop laughing! It was rather sad,the part where Mufasa died and the part where Simba saw Mufasa in the night sky amongst the stars. The Mufasa face on set wasn't just a screen projected,it was made from -I don't know- paper? or cardboard? or some mask thing that had to be held by like say 8 or more people to hold each pieces up and showcase the whole face like how one uses each jigsaw piece to fix a jigsaw puzzle! It was fascinating! I was awe-strucked by that scene and I could tell everyone were too 'cause clapping was heard. It took a lot of practice to do that I can tell!  
So yes I caught it just now with Delia and Jervis at the Marina Bay Sands Theater! I've never been to the shopping mall and boy does it look high class! Damn atas (whatever it's spelled) 
There's even an ice rink in it! I tell you I feel like such a peasant there! It was quite hard finding the Theater but Delia and I managed to find it. It really looks broadway-ish even without the neon lights. I walked in,sat down and anticipated for the show to be like awesome? 'Cause Amanda from WOW Youth told us that 'The Lion King' is an awesome show and worth the watch! The ticket originally is $ 81.20 but don't know who subsidized become $25! I'm like broke but I really feel my $25 was spent wisely. Serious. Ms.Gerri ignites the drama spirit in me to the fullest! She got me reconnected to Drama (haven't acting in ages uhem rusty shit) by inviting me to join her WOW production Youth group and invited me to watch 'Emily of Emerald Hill' and 'The Lion King'! 

Heheheheh used a mirror smart huh. 
Ok talking about 'Emily on Emerald Hill', I love how Ivan Heng manages to pull off the Perenakan Woman look so well! He really could act like a woman. His posture,speech and all! It was really good! Was fascinated at how he managed to pull off the whole entire show without making it boring 'cause he was acting all alone! It was a literally a one man show! His timing was good,Ms.Gerri said they used all the tricks in the book(for theatre) and well what else could I say but THE PROPS WERE AWESOME?!?! Tell me about the Chandelier and the Royal Staircase! 
Other than that,He interacts with the audience marvelously! It was hilarious. People came in late and he scolded them just near the start of the show! I could totally feel how the late-comers felt! Embarrassed and guilty! One guy even said he came from Philippines and Emily (Ivan Heng) said ' Well you didn't come from Africa!' Everyone laughed hysterically. 
Really liked the part when in the play,Emily was describing the Father-in-law and immediately went into the Father-in-law role! With the cigar pipe and the legs wide apart. 
All in all the play was just really good. Made me wanna go read the book! 

So I tell you it's really worth it to watch 'The Lion King'! GO WATCH IT NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW (in theater I mean)

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