Saturday, February 12, 2011

Living in Perhaps

Suddenly it hits you. You realize how stupid you've been. You begin to understand that all those wonderful things you were counting on to happen- because they must happen,mustn't they? Otherwise life would be unbearable- won't happen at all. You won't come across ten thousand pounds just lying in the road, and you won't get that beautiful snow-white horse. Nor will anyone spot your special talents- do you even have any?- and whisk you away to a future worth all that waiting. To fun. To life.
You begin to really grow up now. Childhood is over, finished. Finito. Sorry- no sneaking back to the safe confines of dreaming how it might be one day. One day has come. You look around and realized that this is life,horrible boring horizonless life,what you see before you. Tough luck. Hard cheese.
It just took so long for the thunderbolt to strike me. Maybe I simply didn't want to see.
Perhaps I shouldn't generalize. Maybe those amazing things do happen to some people.
-'Living in Perhaps' by Julia widdows
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