Friday, February 25, 2011

I held my breath and walked past you.

Every breath feels like breathing in sand.
Every beat of my heart feels like a fist punching into my chest.
Every thoughts rushing in like streams of water crashing down the waterfall.
Every syllable of your name,feels like the touch of the tip of a cold knife,brushing against my bare skin.
Every photograph that I had of us,seems like it was taken in another life of mine that I couldn't seem to forget,but couldn't make myself to remember either.
Every tear I cried,I wiped away with sarcasm.
My long hair,that used to caress your face,I cut 'em away.
I should've seen the signs,I should've saw it coming.
I try as hard as I might,to erase you.
I never want to see you unhappy.
I thought you'd want the same for me.
Goodbye my hopeless dreams.

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