Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Green for you,green for me.

Did manicure for CNY that time and I fare it only so-so. It's nice but I'm not in love with it or anything. I'd really like feeling in love with something for awhile. Something that's at least more lasting than being in love with a guy/feeling like I'm in love when I'm actually not. 'cause that will usually fade away very quickly. But ya my nails are cute. Cuter than me.

Oh I didn't have enough to do a pedicure as well so I painted my own toe nails blue,electric blue came to mind every time I look at 'em. 
& my appeal was unsuccessful. I got advices from friends on twitter about where I should go but I have a feeling it's good to just remain in Integrated Events Management. If it's really not for me,I can still appeal after finishing year 1! So no worries about everything. I'll just have to figure out when does school starts and everything will be going for me! I want to go BKK before hitting school so I'll have clothes to wear everyday and not wear like the same kind of clothing every single day for classes on end.

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