Friday, January 28, 2011

Moving on.

ALOHA EVERYONE! I got a new template for my blog skin! Is it nicer? I love my fonts! So cuteeeeee.
I'm currently at my sister's place that's why I was able to change my blog skin,my twitter skin and my formspring skin! haha All at one go! I'm still super broke but I manage to do my CNY shopping! I bought a topshop chain maxi dress that was on sales and zara pants that was ALSO on sales! Hiakhiak I'm a cheapo.
Ya and I spent $31 on my hair again. I went to Supercuts and shaved my hair! No I didn't pull a britney shave! I only shaved the back of my head and did undercut. I feel like a fucking butch though. ahhaha but it's a nice change. I miss my long hair no doubt but I'm pretty sure my hair will be nicer when I let it grow 'cause I'm going to take good care of it! hwahwa
Here's the 'before' and 'after' picture of my hair and me with make up and without. Obviously my 'before' picture is nicer.

HAHAHAHAHAHA frankly speaking you can't see much from my 'after' picture. Oh well,till another outing where I bring my camera out then. That will most prolly be CNY! I'm definitely gonna take lots of pictures 'cause my dress is awesome,my heels too and my make up will be! hwahwahwa plus gonna take pictures with my sisters and family members.

I made a wordpress account today! For fun. hwahwa I might change my domain and bring YPA over. But we'll see we'll see.

Other updates of my life are also as mundane. I got into Republic Poly! Which is quite shitty for me but oh well,I prayed and if I got in means there's a path laid out for me there. Heard lots of Chrians are going there so all the best to everyone! I'm in Integrated Events Management course which was my LAST choice. I didn't think I would be as unlucky to get in but I did so I'm appealing to Communication and Information Design where Phoebe is also in it! A friend there makes it more fun and less intimidating!
Heard that most of chrians also went to Innova Junior College with Esther,Marie and Tiffany! Hwahwa
School has already started for them and I wish them all the best in their studies and may they make lots of friends and have a good time there!

May our new journey bring us more adventures,joy,fond memories and lovely friends!
Happy Chinese New Year everyone! xoxo

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