Monday, January 10, 2011

Maybe I'll cast my worries into the ocean and never find 'em again

It's good to see that people are living a good life without me. I meant my hmm... (how should I put it) ex friends? Yup but I mean,all's good la.
I'm currently over at Tiffany's place and well,staying over to brace this night of dread together with movies and mask.
The first week of 2011 was well,great? hahaha Had a great time with Esther,Marie and xe! Then most of the time I spent working and on thursday I met up with Tiffany for dinner at IMM after work and we had Cafe Cartel,went shopping and bought like super cheap stuff!

Tomorrow is sort of like the day to decide my future. Whether it goes into the media industry or not. Whether I get good grades or not. All I'm asking for is >20 points. So God,I leave it up to you! I thank You first,for whatever results there is to come. 'cause you reap what you sow. I sow nasty seeds,obviously I'll reap nasty plants. But I've God's grace that'll help me in times of need. So I don't really worry too much about getting bad grades. Although there's fear in me,of a bad future,of retaining,but God,I give it up to You! Nothing I can do anymore anyways.
On a brighter note,Chinese New Year is approaching with due speed and I'm looking forward to it! All my red packet money to spend! hahaha yes I will save some!
Awwww and I miss my long hair! Even though it's not luscious or damn smooth I still miss the waviness!
Anyway,all the best to all who's taking their results tomorrow! Praying for happy tears only!

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