Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'll hold my hand till the end.

If I close my eyes,try to pretend you were here,will I feel better? If I close my eyes,slit my wrist,will the pain go away? If I said goodbye to you before you do,will my hurt lessen? If I hold onto the memories,does it make my past seem more valuable? If I turn the music on loud,will I be less lonely? If I said I don't want to experience this,will I not? If I convince myself that being alone doesn't necessary means feeling lonesome,will it be less intimidating? If I sing my goodbyes and write out my feelings through lyrics,will you tell me you'll be here? If you one day forget me,don't even remember my name,and we saw each other in the streets,will you walk pass me as if you've never etch painful memories in my life? If you ever reminisce about us,will your eyes twinkle with tears of regret? & if you saw and understand me better than myself,would you have seen that I was willing 'cause I knew how inferior I was? I had no one. But you were my sweetest goodbye.
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