Saturday, January 22, 2011

I wonder whether death caught ahold of you yet.

She stared at the message. The words that spelled goodbye. The one word that feels like acid burning her insides. She blinked back tears,swallowed down her pride. Pacing around her room,she thought of him. The ugly truth. The one who sent the goodbye. She put on her favourite pair of shoes and walked out of her house,heading for the highest storey of her apartment building. She stood there for a minute and climbed onto the railing. Sitting there,staring at the world beneath her. Looking out into the vast horizon,the infinite wonders and hope the world could bring. Also,the endless amount of malice,greed and pride it can bring upon an innocent young man. So cliché,she thought. Sitting atop a high-rise building,waiting for death's clutches to arrive. She laughed her last laughter,not of pure joy and delight,but of disgust and true rage of the evils of the world.
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