Sunday, January 16, 2011

I close my eyes and wait for the day where they will never open again.

She sat down on her bed,opened her diary and started writing. Writing about her day,her every emotions felt and she couldn't help but drop a few tears. She stared at the words she's written and they materialised to moving images of what happened. She slammed her diary shut. Sobbed harder. & finally threw the diary across the room. Pages flew everywhere. The diary with the broken spine. Looking at the mess she's created,she felt even worse than before. It was her birthday. & no one was there to celebrate with her. Her dead brother,her ex best friends, her busy parents and siblings. Looking at her long black hair,she felt a twinge of despair. Of burden,of the contact the hair has made with the people who used to be in her life and disgust filled her body like a house caught on fire. She pulled her hair and pain shot through her scalp. She pulled even harder. Tears starting falling and anger burst from every molecule in her body. She needed to vent her anger somewhere. She saw the scissors,the glinting sliver caught her eyes. She ran across the room,grabbed the scissors and snip,went the scissors along with the hair.
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