Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hwahwahwa! Hi everyone! I'm backkkkkkkk. I'm currently working but hey I'm on my break so I'm not some lazy ass ok! My manager bought duck rice for me and another temp staff today! Mad happy. Hiakhiak don't have to spend money on food today! The duck rice not only have duck but also roast pork etc! Damn full now. Sorry for the lack of update on my personal life though I can assure you there's nothing exciting/interesting going on. Just got a pat on the back for finishing my duck rice from another manager. Hwahwa I'm such a good girl. HA anyway,the other day I went for the masscomm interview and it didn't go well:( mad sad now. But whatever,I'm not going to brood over it! I'm leaving it to God so I'm going to trust Him and wherever I'm going,I thank God! So yes,another load off my shoulder. I'm like friggin' broke nowwwwwww! Spent $200plus last week so I'm left with $30 in my bank-___________________- ! I bought a green bb housing a couple of days ago and boy it's super chio! Haha I hope it'll arrive soon! Got like $50 from mom to buy one new year dress 'cause I alrd got pants from Zara and wedges from charles and keith! Hopefully,I won't feel tempted to do my nails this tuesday as I'll be CNY shopping with Tiffany! Hehe. That's about it. Waiting for my pay to come so I can eat normal meals instead of $2 burger everyday:( pathetic me. Oh well. Then hopefully I'll save enough to buy a Macbook Pro! Break's gonna end,shall blog another time<3
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