Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sum up of 2010

HEY everyone, it's gonna be the end of the year in like 2 days' time! SO..... I'm gonna blog about what happened the whole of this year! The good times and yes,dreafully,the bad times as well. I want it to be an honest post of what happened to me this year. So dishing out all the dirt that I've done this year as well. My my,aren't you interested. HA ok let's get it started!


I celebrated my sister's birthday! & while,actually forgot it's her birthday and asked why do we have to buy a cake. Oops.

Then I got my blackberry! The start of twittermaniac and high rising bills.

Then my computer broke down and this whole month practically nothing much going on but tumblr tumblr tumblr?
OH & I got my minor eye surgery which hurt like fuck & I will never ever let myself have that stupid growth again! *cross my fingers & pray to God*
Also,had valentine steamboat with the guys and girls and it was super good. Had a great time and the food was awesome!


Went to Mount Faber for church outing and boy was it also the 2nd time we hang out with Yong Qi. It felt like so long ago! & now being close to Yong Qi, thank God so much for her. hehe <3

Celebrated Kok Heng's birthday again <3 with the usuals!

Went for Church Retreat too! Was super fun,went to Changi Hospital the first time and it was ok. I mean,you've to at least  go to a 'haunted house' once in your life right?

& also I went to huiwen's house for a dog party! First time too!
Hmm... Chinese New Year was kinda dull. Nothing much. Same thing.
What a dreadful month it is.

But Baptism!!! Of Yong Qi and Shaun!


Then well,so he says inevitable happened. Oh well.

Went for the Chicago Musical!

Celebrated my birthday with the church people and well,it was awful to be honest. Yes don't start getting mad,it was my fault. But still,my birthday,was a terrible full-blown castastrophe of a fiasco.
& not to mention I lost my Jesus ring.

BUT my birthday celebration with Syahilah was awesome
ev hough it was a simple one,but at least we were both happy.

Went for the nuffnang symposium too!

Went for Imprints exhibition with shiwei!

Met my primary school friends,

Yong Qi's birthday!

Went for Mother's day celebration.

& Rina's birthday celebration at shiwei's place!

The graduation ceremony from Drama Club! Was sad to say goodbye :(

Went to Azzura for Surge 2 Party!

Also,spent time with Esther as we headed to Ikea and she snapped pictures of me!

Went out with my family as my 2nd sister booked a room at the Sentosa resort!

Went to Waterfront park for the first time with Yong Qi and Xe!

Went to 987fm's launch party at *scape with the girls! <3

& I wore Gurvin's traditional costume on Racial Harmony Day!

Celebrated AuntyMabel's birthday too! Such a huge party.

Went to Marina Bay Sands for the first time with my family & boy was the view stunning!

Celebrated Alfred's birthday as well! Steamboat at his place as usual <3

Watched Ms.Claudia and Ms.Gerri performed and went to Varsha's dad's restaurant for dinner!

Got my new piercing!

Hung out with esther,tiffany and xe to sing K!
Obsessed over Lee Min Ho<3<3<3

Celebrated Travis Boy's 1 year birthday!

Celebrated Mooncake festival with the churchmates! Brought my mom and my grandma along.

Celebrated huiwen's birthday!<3
(I know right so many celebrations)

Learnt to make mooncake too!

& piupiu died :(

Did a SG Cheer video with huiwen which earned us $20 NTUC voucher. -_____________- much.

Celebrated Bryan's birthday!

Graduation :(

Went to Ms.Claudia's wedding!
& sat for my O levels *shudders*

Celebrated Syahilah's birthday <3

Picnic outside school.
Shitty week again 'cause I commited the same fucking mistake. FUCKING mistake.

Did bloodline by Jiaxi! Woohoo. & did cornrows and spent about $530 in 6 days.

Fallen back into the fucking blackfuckinghole. Ok chill.
Ok did a lot of bullshit month.
Went for Youth Retreat and came home early 'cause of a huge well emotional downpour. My mistake. Yes.
Lost about 1/4 of my friends. Ha ok close friends.

Class outing!

Stayed over at sya's place again <3<3<3
Stayed over at Tiff's!

Went to Bintan and it was super fun! Loved the fireflies tour!
Had x'mas dinner at sister's place!
Spent Christmas with Yq at Sentosa.
So now,onto the people that is in my life or used to be anyway,that has helped me or loved me or wtv.
First,I'll like to start with Yong Qi <3
Thank you for standing by me,not judging me,giving me lots of comfort and is always there for me. I'm sorry I alway sleep during the sleepover :(
Wishing you and Ham Happily Ever After<3<3
Thank you for the celebrations and sleepovers with lots of movies and camwhoring that made me forget all my problems!
Also wishing you and your bf to last long! <3<3
Hey babe Thanks for sticking by me. Listening to my woes and my problems,never failing to intercept and scold me but always lending me a shoulder to lean on. Thank you for caring for me and loving me. I know I'm hard to handle and I'm a fucktard and I'm really glad you stick around.
Thanks for being there as well! Listening to me ramble on about my problems and bullshit. Thanks for letting me know that you'll always be there.
Xiao 'En!<3
Thank you for everything that you have done for me,whether you've made known to me or not. Thanks for the encouragement you've given me and really pray that you'll always continue to seek God and be His great daughter.
hehe thanks for the laptop,photoshoots,movies and for standing by me as well! Not caring about the mistakes I've done,not judging me & still willing to be my friend!
Marie & Gurvin!<3
Thanks for the recess dates with Pheobe and the company when I seem to have lost all my friends.
Ha thanks for trusting me,not caring about what I've done,standing by me and listening to my woes and everything. You're a nice guy and never failing to make me smile.
ha not gonna explain much.
Thank you for wanting to meet me straight after you've heard the commotion. I know I'm terrible and you're always so straightforward sometimes pissing me off but you're still a good friend nonetheless. Thank you too,for the words you've spoken to me during april and the beginning of this month,& thank you for just everything!
Thanks for the car rides,the company,encouragement and everything else!
Thanks for being in my life 3 years ago,it was great spending time with you,shopping,hanging out,Indochine,everything. I know I ruined us and there's nothing I could do about it 'cause what's done cannot be undone. But still,thank you for trying to love me. You're a sweet girl and a nice friend. Hoping you'll find a nice guy out there who'd appreciate you and love you more than himself.
We used to be friends,quite close I surmised,used to hang out together with the church,went to town to take pictures,find xe at bubbletea shop,but yeah I betrayed you. I have to admit I did. (Don't think you're gonna read this but still) I'm sorry. Sorry for ever standing up to you,following my feelings. I'm sorry I didn't think about you enough. Sorry for ever coming in between. Sorry I was even born.
Thanks for the memories.

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