Sunday, December 26, 2010


The things you told me,the sweet nothings you whispered to me,tell me,was it really just a spur of the moment?
I took your words,letter by letter,placed them in bottles,safekept them in the deepest corner of my heart,so that at least when you leave me,I've them as assurance that it was reality.
That we were not just a figment of my imagination.
Hoping that you could be closer to me,than loneliness ever would be.
I looked at your pictures,stare at the emotions that was once,if I could ever say,mine.
& I've no reason,no right,to be upset.
Just leave me as I am.
I'll be happy and I'll smile when I'm prepared,and when I let go.
Right now,I'll isolate in my room and rob myself of any laughter,joy and happiness,
place them in a box,put them aside.

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