Wednesday, November 10, 2010

& we look up at the vast horizon,knowing what a big world there is out there.

Out there. Somewhere. I might find you.

I might find someone who loves me more than you do.
'Cause what you had weren't love at all. & what you wanted weren't love at all.
So we laid there,on that dirty mattress. & we asked ourselves that one question. Will it be worth it this time? We had that answer buried deep into the back of our minds,deluding ourselves into thinking that we don't know the answer. That if we never try,we'll never know. But then we knew,now we know too. The answer is always and will be the same. We were guilty of eyes filled with passion then,how could we not be guilty of something more now? Even just by looking at each other did we sin,what more would our actions bring us less condemnation? & I vow not to ever again. If only we were rid of all that strings,but we weren't and there's no point trying to pretend we're not living in different worlds with different lovers. Let's not run in circles anymore shall we? Let's abandon it all. I'm flesh and blood and I don't want to be a toy anymore. I want to be human and I want to get that status of love and open affections.

So we sat there contemplating our actions and someone,had to take the lead. This time round, I did. Be it a test or just following your heart, I don't really want to know anymore. I've hurt,been hurt,& it wasn't easy pretending nothing is going on. So let's just head to square 1 and remember that it's all best in God's plan.

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