Saturday, November 13, 2010

Picnic;trap in kite

Yesterday was the last day of O's for many people,sadly not me. My last paper is on Monday!

Thinking of ways to make the kiteeee, look at the distressed look on xe's face! HA

But anyway,Marie and Gurvin held a picnic and xe and I went over! I wanted to just chill awhile but in the end,it was super fun and we stayed until like 7 plus!
Most of the time we were trying to figure out how to make the kite and all,ok actually not me, I was a bum,lying on the mat cloud-gazing and enjoying the rare breeze. It was awesome. Wasn't sunny AT ALL and the wind was superb,God gave us amazing weather! Our kite flew immediately! hehe


Then I don't know howwwwww the hell did Marie get STUCK in the kite. Seriously.

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY flying the kite.

After that we were just trying to maintain the kite while beside us,there's this couple who seem to be a PRO at kite-flying and they're flying the SAME kite as us! Some eagle and their's is SOOOO FREAKINGGGG FARRR AWAYYY! So high up in the sky while ours are just, ... the pictures will explain it. HAHA But mostly 'cause our strings aren't enough and all. Pardon us for it's our FIRST time flying a kite! Quite good already for amateurs ok!

This is practically what I was doing all afternoon. Lie there and cloud gaze.
Then xe was just camwhoring away trying to get a good shot of her and clouds which is her FAV second to stars I presume? hahah nature lover.

Yes one shot of xe camwhoring. RARE

So comfyyyyyy

My boo <3

Marie and I went to ask the guys playing basketball whether they wanna order pizza but no one was enthu AT ALL so we ordered macdelivery ourselves! Not bad. hehe picnic with macdelivery! Also,half-way through Gurvin's little brother joined us! He's super cute I tell you.


See,God gave xe the sky!

Mid-way Marie just went gaga over some UHEM and Marcus joined us awhile because of his phone.
It was really an enjoyable relaxing afternoon spent! I'll miss you guys after CHR! <3

*Pictures are up in Facebook! click here

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