Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The past few days,hectic.

Omg,haven't blog for sooooooooooooooooooo long! I miss the internet. Having internet therapy now.

So yes,first I'll blog about my corn rows! They are awesomeeeeeeeee! Had a lot of compliments about 'em! Thank you friends hehe.

I did my corn rows also specially for PROM! hehehe well,you'd be shocked at the amount of money I spent on prom alone. Sigh my pay gone just like that.

My beloved ring that I lost in the SGCC toilet :'(

Matching heels and nails! <3

I bought a dress from Topshop for $106 and heels ALSO from topshop $143 and a ring for $19 that I lost on prom itself. Smart right. Tsk tsk. I'm so gonna buy the ring again. Then I spent about $100 plus on my hair,highlights and corn rows. $31 on nails,contact lenses,movie and some other stuff. I'm a spendthrift right down to the core of my bones. I'm really a retard man seriously.

Taken with Rachel Dass!

Pretty Michelle in Blue!

Syazana doing a rendition of 'Speechless' By Lady Gaga. Super niceeeeeee

Our busy Prom president busy on the phone with no time to eat as well! 

With a part of our Prom Committee!

Schoolmates and Ms. Foo!

I'll miss my form teacher as she has definitely taken in a lot of my bullshit.

Impromptu performance with Aisyah as we sang 'Fireworks' together by Katy Perry and my voice broke half-way through. That's for not practising enough.


It was really a hectic night,didn't really had much time to sit down and eat. Was either busy taking care of stuff,taking pictures and all. But it was worth it. The best part was the dancing I must say it was FANTASTIC! Most of the people were enthusiastic and dancing along! I danced for like an hour plus and right now,my leg aches like fucking cow seriously. I cannot walk properly. But it was worth it!
Next day after prom,went to town to search for jobs. Was tiring and in the end I still decided to work at M1. haha

Hehe Jx helping me for freeeeeeeeee.

Then today I went to Jiaxi's place with Xe and did my bloodline. NEARLY got the real thing but Jiaxi say the needle too thick so next time then do real tattoo. It hurt la but not that much,hehe I'm so gonna get a tattoo soon!
Hoping it was a real tattoo. Sigh. hahah!

Went to sing K with Esther while Xe sing K with Meiwei. Headed to RP for CHR Musical Moments. It was good,but kinda boring.
MY HUBBY! hahaha
Jia Chang and Esther!
Jia Chang and I!
Marcus' cute birthday cake!
Uhoh birthday bash by Daniel sigh so pitiful.
Then followed by Jia Chang. :(
Yay a picture with my hubby Andrei Tan


Celebrated Marcus' birthday for awhile and went to have supper with the boys and Esther.

Tomorrow probably will do nothing. No plans at all. Should I start work earlier?
That is the question.

Heh at Esther's place now.


Rene, Gucci's mom said...

you are cool! keep rocking babe!

Ashley said...

Ha thanks! You too;)