Thursday, November 11, 2010

Let's get the baby out of your _ _ _ _ _ _

So I met Caleb at msl mrt,went to Aaron's place and met huiwen and xe!

Our dinner from popeyes to some new york pizza stall!
Headed over to The Cathay and had our dinner at the basement of the Cathay and then bought tickets for 'Due Date'! It was hilarious but wasn't that good though. Not like some epic shit funny movie that I'll never forget. I love 'Hang over' It was awesomely hilarious. The Asian guy that came out of the boot was EPIC I tell you. Insulting to the chinese boys. Ha!

My two pretty ladies! <3
& our Aaron trying to act all emo and stuff imitating the gents sign! HA! Xe's black jacket look so gloomy with the cheery colors of the ladies sign. 
Aaron's camera ain't really THATTTT good! But still,not bad!

 The chat during dinner was .... well I heard some things which I really didn't want to hear. I've made a bad impression in some adult's eyes and well, I'm just not the average potential daughter-in-law anyone would want. I'm a rebellious bad kid and I can't cook clean or do anything good for that matter. Who gives a dipshit anyway. I'll just be a 40 year old virgin. Who cares. ha!

& I got reminded that 'If God is for me,who can be against me?' Romans 8:31
Also, God forgave my sins and love me all the same. I shall not be judged or loved by my actions.

Some camwhore shots in the cinema<3
I love this mode but the 2 ladies ain't loving it so I changed to another normal mode! Still,I love the redness!
Brother and sister <3
Do you just LOVE our stockings?!
A rather weird looking shot of me. Hmm...
Finally a shot with Aaron the Man! hahaha too tall already.
Loveeee this shot of bbg! Super chio!

While we walk to Aaron's car which he parked SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FARRRRRRRR AWAYYYYYYYYYY 'cause of FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE parking,there were slippers everywhere outside Plaza Sing so I snapped pictures of them!
Xe actually has this pair of ORANGE SLIPPERS! Same as Syahilah! haha such a coincidence my two close friends have the SAME pair of slippers.
This photo is freaky! hahah xe look so dead and I look like I kena trauma attack 'cause huiwen kissed me.

Hehe so I enjoyed today a lot! Thanks so much people. I shall sleep early tonight and study tomorrow. God bless everyone.

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