Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our Big 2 Boy

Monday was Bryan's Birthday! Happy Birthday Boy~ 

Our Zilian Boy. 
The younger generation! 
Brother and Sister in Christ! 
The oldies! haha
Brother and Sister in Christ!
YAY! The cake bought by Erica.
Wishing you all the best in everything you are going to do and I really hope and pray that your life will be fruitful to God and stay close to Him no matter what<3
I attended morning service on Sunday and we had a cake to celebrate Bryan's birthday. It was sweet!

Church was rather lonesome without the usuals.

Still,it was good. Praise the Lord through all things right?
Really been rather morbid this few days. Been feeling the angst and the lonely bug keeps crawling up to me. My sadist bone is really taking its toll on me. & I shall not depend on anyone to cheer me up. 'cause for one,no one is and two,it'll just tire them out. But what are friends for? Hmm...

Whatever,let's not end this post with some emoshit!

God is helping me through a lot and I know He's preparing me for major adjustments in my life and what I'm feeling now or going through now is just a part of molding me. So Praise the Lord through everything! Amen<3

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