Friday, October 1, 2010

Movie Review!

On Wednesday, I was given the opportunity to watch 'Charlie St Cloud' by omy and so I brought Tiffany along who was super enthusiastic about it!
I didn't really know what the movie was about actually,but I heard that Zac Efron was starring in the movie so I decided to try my luck and I was selected to watch it! 
Ok so who doesn't loveeeeeeeeeee Zac Efron? (probably the guys 'cause they're jealous of his good looks and his enchanting blue eyes)

Here's the trailer for you to check it out and have a glimpse of what the movie is about!

The story is from a book titled 'The death and life of Charlie St Cloud' by Ben Sherwood. I haven't read that book but I'm going to!
Charlie st Cloud is about this young man trying to find a purpose in life. 
So yes this movie begins with Charlie (Zac Efron) and his brother, Sam sailing! 
OMG look at his muscles! haha ok fine. Let's get back to the review. 

The movie to my opinion, was really touching. I felt every emotions Zac Efron felt as his acting skills were superb! 
Charlie got into a car accident that killed the brother,Sam. 
At that point of time, in the ambulance which he miraculously got saved,he looked at his brother's dead hands and cried. REALLY HARD. That was really sad! It nearly made me cry. 
Then of course as usual,there's this girl that likes him. & He kinda likes her as well and they got together for awhile but something mysterious happened that got me going 'WHAT?!??@?#?@?!?@' 
It was really a twist in the movie and you HAVE to watch it to find out what happened.

I'd say it was very sweet and not only does it talks about love as in couple, but it talks about brotherly love. You'll just go 'AWWW' when you see the brotherly love between Charlie and Sam. Also,the moral of the movie I feel,is to let go. 
& the part that made me cry was the part where he had to choose between Sam and the girl he likes(Tess). It was an awful decision but it turned out good. 
The movie started with a cheerful vibe and then to some depressing situation where Charlie had to stay near the cemetery to keep his promise to Sam and quit sailing. But Tess(Amanda Crew) brought back Charlie and managed to make him start sailing again! & boy you'd be able to see another side of Zac Efron that you had never seen! This movie made him a lot more mature than High School Musical and well, more crying. But his blue eyes are just enchanting and if you wanna see his hot body,just go watch it already. 
I would rate it a 5/5 and watch it again! 

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