Saturday, October 9, 2010

Go Go Singapore!

Last night, huiwen and I we rack our brains to think up moves for the 'Go! Go! Singapore! Cheer'. It was hilarious I tell you. But we had a good time bonding over the moves and everything. Xe helped us a lot!

So after prayer meeting, huiwen and xe came over to my place to do the Cheer Video. Mario came over for awhile and Yong Qi was at my house all along! But she left half way through :(

Lots of ideas going through our mind,choosing which to use...

Even so,we brain stormed throughout the whole night until around 4 plus are we able to get the whole thing correct! We've still got some mistakes but we were too tired to redo.

As we hear the Nation roar~
We had a lot of NGs and a lot of mistakes and we nearly ran out of brain cells as we thought of new moves.

We were super tired after practicing and killing our brain cells. 
Then we were super high again! hahah it was a cycle! 
Come on Singapore! Let's get HIGH! 
We were just having fun! Laughing,smiling and of course,embarrassing ourselves! hahha 
Huiwen become SHY once the video's out!
I don't care! hahaha 
It was a tiring night and we were either super high,or super sian.

Both of us,at the start of the video,looking fairly retarded.

& all throughout the night,we were just like this. Haha Jumping and Laughing. 

But still,being able to do this for Singapore is an honor! We were just having fun,playing a part of being a Singaporean,contributing to the Nation our ideas and hopefully,we will win. HAHA

& once again WE LOVE SINGAPORE! <3

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