Sunday, September 19, 2010

Who would remember 'cept our makers?

I went to school on Friday. Finally. Thank God Xe came as well so I didn't have to sit alone during recess. It'll be too morbid.

School was boring. But Innova Junior College teacher came to our school and talked to us about the benefits of getting into a Junior College. Actually,thinking about it, it being my future, I really do want to end up in a University. The way the lecturer drone on and on about how important it is to think about our future now and blah blah blah, he told us that getting into a JC would be easier to get into University. So I really hope my results would be good enough for me to contemplate between those two instead of the OTHER two. My impending doom,ITE.

So anyway, after school I went to have dinner with my sisters and as usual with their beaus and my non-existent one. We had dinner at Fish & Co. and it was my virgin trip!

I wish I had the time to apply make up, I look so 'bare' and ugly!

I have to delight upon you this wonderful fact that Fish & Co.'s fish is splendidly delicious! The Fish and Chips there are marvelous compared to those at coffee shops (obviously!) and some other places where I've had Fish & Chips which for the life of me I can't remember.

The New York Fish & Chip that was awesome! It was so soft.

Our seafood platter for 2! 
Our seafood platter for 1! 
Could you look at that?! How delicious! Yummm
Even so, the prawns weren't that nice and the pizzas there were horrible. The pizzas there tantamount to "lao hong" curry puff!  Yucks.

The pizza that tasted disastrous!

Other than the curry puff pizza, the Fish & Co. at Changi Airport was well,for lack of vocab,good.
& there was a cute waiter which I know if I took a picture of him and showed it to y'all,you won't be able to appreciate it so we'll keep it as cute.

After filling our tummy with good food,we headed downstairs to Swensens and had birthday cake!

There were a lot of people celebrating their birthdays! Beside us,was a huge malay family and they sung some Malay Birthday song so loudly it reverberate throughout the whole airport! ..... I was kidding. hahaha but it was really loud and it did stole everyone's attention for a little while.

We sang a birthday song and went back home. I was literally dying from lethargy which explains why I slept in the car all the way home.
So that explains my friday night.

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