Saturday, September 4, 2010

No longer stranded in the lost sea

Praise God for everything that has happened in my life. His will be done in my life. Attended Prayer Meeting after a very long time today. It was marvelous. The holy spirit was in us and around us,touching everyone. My faith will grow stronger and I will cling onto God's promises. I know there's still so many things I've to learn,so many things to let go of,so many things of this world that still stays in my heart. Even so, I know Jesus died on the cross for me and his love covers all  my sins and I love Him always. Jesus came to the earth so humbly,given up His rightful place in Heaven just to save us. Jesus set an example for all of us his disciple,for us to follow him and be like Him. I love you,God.


So a week back I hung out with Phoebe,Marie and Gurvin and also the boys taking Art.
Gurvin and I were just fooling around and disturbing those doing Art. Except for Marie and Phoebe who were really concentrating on painting so it's a good thing. hahahah

Anyway, the guys didn't really do much of Art 'cause they were playing with paint and all. Jia Chang was hilarious. I better write this here so I can always remember that he fell in front of me TWICE. hahahaha it was embarrassing for him, but nah I don't really care. HAHA anyway, I don't get why JC is so shyyyyyyyyy, he refuses to take a picture with me and these were pictures taken WITHOUT his consent but WHO CARES. haha

I've work tomorrow so I better go and do QT before I sleep and wake up at 8 am to work till 9 pm.

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