Thursday, September 9, 2010

Maybe time will find me one

So right now I'm currently listening to korean songs. AND its NOT what you think. hahaha not K-POP (Sorry Yong Qi) hahaha the only korean songs I like are those sad Korean songs. They've so much emotions in them and it just makes you wanna cry. heheheheheh

But sometimes, I've no more energy to fight and I succumb to solemn.

& sometimes it gets so hard 'cause I just don't wanna differentiate between fantasy and reality.

But anyway,let's stop with this. I'm gonna watch 'Personal Taste'!


Esther said...

I can intro u some sad songs too.2AM is like the sad song forvever group! HA

Ashley said...

hahahahaha don't want. I only want LEE MIN HO