Friday, September 10, 2010


Hehehe Since Esther Khoo uploaded pictures so quickly I'm going to blog about it too!

So today I went to meet Esther and we headed to cwp to meet Tiffany! They both dressed so casually!:(
We went to Yoshinoya and Esther had her lunch while we waited for Xe to come.

Finally we met Xe and took the mrt to Orchard! (hoping one of us will get a car by 18 so that we can drive to Orchard next time when we hang out when we're 18! I HAVE FAITH WE WILL!)

We looked around and found Partyworld and GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?

'cause that's what we thought. But thank God we stayed and saw the uncle that opened the ktv and we waited outside to camwhore too!)

Xiao 'En and Tiffany!

Cutest Xiao'En everrrrrrrr hahaha

When we got bored of the mirrors,we went to the staircase and pose for more photos!

OMG Tiffany epic!

UHEM, to all smokers out there! STOP SMOKINGGGGG FOR YOUR HEALTH.

After that we went inside and sang our hearts out! It was hilarious as we shout over high notes and struggle over low notes.

Heheheheh Cute Tiffany<3

Xe showing her enthusiasm for KTV!

Xe ordered noodles 'cause she didn't have lunch and it tasted and look like maggi mee.

Thanks Esther for the camera!

I personally like this picture a lot! Don't you think it's nice?

tryna act some solemn shit. ahahhaah

After singing for 4 straight hours,we went over to Cineleisure and had Shokudo for dinner.

I had hamburg steak,Xe and Tiffany had some sushi stuff while Esther had this cheesy pasta which she detested after a few bites. Ok not a FEW bites but you get the picture. We had some leftover money from ktv so we decided to use it to buy ice cream and share! We went to Scape and saw the muttons but were too shy to say hi. So we chilled for a little while and went back home.


Hahaha! I know I look so unglam but who cares.

Bidding farewell.

I'm so tired now! I've to sleep and wake up early tomorrow and go jogging. I'm growing fat,no joke.

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