Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Huiwen!

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY HUIWEN. Here's a blog post specially dedicated to you! <3

I wanna first of all Thank God for you being in my life! For being there since Secondary One.
Reading through all your previous blog posts,memories came back to me like meeting you for the first time of my life wasn't 3 years back. The memories we've spent together feels so short! We've been through slacking times,childish moments,acting at some show,cutting our wrists,doing crazy stunts like kena caught by police and so much more! & how the 3 of us, you me and xe have really been through a lot! We've cried,fought,made up and loved and it's a cycle and as we venture on to the next phase of life,I really hope that we'll still stay together. Though we've got obstacles,misunderstandings and lots of other unhappy moments, I really hope that the happy times do void them out. I really hope that when we grow old and look back at our teenage years,you'll remember the happy times and while the unhappy times could just be lessons to learn.

I pray to God that you'll always seek Him and draw near to Him and always depend on His great and marvellous love. I love you and I know I'm not that good a friend yet but I really hope that God will change me and I'd be able to use God's love in my life and love you with His love. Thank you for being there for me and forgiving my mistakes. God bless you babygirl<3


So on Friday night we went to Waterfront Park to celebrate Hui wen's Birthday! But before that, at prayer meeting, we had a cake and sang birthday song for Hui wen!

Our beautiful God's Child!

See how surprise she is! Awwwwwww~

Things didn't stay the same, things got better!


Mary's love for huiwen!

So after prayer meeting Auntymabel sent us to Waterfront and we played with firecrackers at 12 to celebrate huiwen's birthday! The night air's humidity was so high we created fogs! hahaha (if I'm not wrong) It was super pretty! & I quickly took a shot of it with the girls! It'll be up on fb! heheheh so go check it out!

After firecrackers we played with this and they'll try to shake huiwen and I down but we're too stable to fall! MUAHAHHAHAHAHA

This picture was taken to show how enthusiastic I was at shaking the girls down. Hehe

*DISCLAIMER* This is the true side of Jessica Seow Hui Wen. She is one ass-grabbing babe.

Then we played spin spin! (I just created this name for this ride) It's damn fun and will make you laugh like crazy. No joke. haha

Then we played catching on ropes! It was really fun as I love climbing and I bet they all had a great work out 'cause we were sweating like mad and our hands stink of ropes and our asses were wet from sitting on the ropes drenched from the afternoon's pouring rain.

While we think of what to do next, Xe remembered that we bought bubbles to play with! So we took shots of huiwen playing bubbles! Will be up on fb! <3

Then we went to the pier and continue shots with bubbles and lotsa picture taking for them and then Jabez sent me home! I had a great time and I really hope you did too,huiwen. Love you! <3

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