Monday, September 13, 2010

First Birthday!

It was this baby boy's  1 year old birthday celebration on Saturday!

It's feeding time!

 HAHAHAHA So cute right? I know how to be a mom! (ya right)

Jerica! hehehe some smile huh

Aunt and mom!

My sister and Travis!

Now it's my turn! hheheheh super cute!

We had buffet lunch! I didn't eat much though,'cause I wasn't really hungry.

My mom and I! I've some weird smile going on and my mom's make up is exaggerating! ha

The Family!

Jerica and I with party hats! Hehehe I love my new black maxi dress,it's flowyyyyyyy


There's nothing much to do so we kept snapping again and again. hahaha

Look at the humongous birthday cake! So cute right!

Travis is too shocked for words by the HUGEEEEEE cake! hahaha

& little kids wanting to take picture with Mickey Mouse!

Taking a picture with Chloe! So cute! She's very enthusiastic when it comes to photo taking, haha.

A BIG kid among them! HEHE

Before we go,we took some pictures with the Prince of the Day!

Look at Travis! SO CUTE. Don't know who taught him that pose! Hurray!! HA

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