Monday, September 20, 2010

Boom like the moon

Sunday was awesome! hahhahaha
 I went for English Service and all of us headed to Sembawang park and my mom and grandmother went as well!

Rina and I!
My mommyyyyyy
Hehe bbg!
Yay four beautiful God's children!
Erica and I! 
Mario and I!

We went there and the first thing we did was take a few pictures and played Captain's Ball!
It was a rowdy game as I got elbowed by huiwen (which doesn't always happen HA) and well everyone just gave their all!

After Captain's Ball we were all sweating like mad and we had our dinner then! Have to thank church members for preparing the food for all of us!
While longboarding. 
After eating, I went to play Mario's longboard! It was super fun. The thrill when I went down the slope and well,I did fall out of the board and stuff but it was fun nonetheless!

Then my camera got on different people's hands and those pictures will be on facebook!
My grandma and I!

We played with lanterns,and firecrackers. Also trying to take pretty shots of the firecracker. 

Babygirl trying to make heart shape but failed. HA
Just like old times<3
The Youth group!<3 (excluding some people) uhem talking about you yongqi!
Bryan and I!
Haha I look like an extra in the matching grey shirt gay club.
Yay four beautiful God children!
Our great couples~
Issac and I!

Everyone sitting around waiting for the night to end. 
Hehe. After taking a group picture,the youth went to play at the playground! haha we played colour catching and ice and water modified version and I injured my toe :( It was the same toe that I injured while kicking a soccer ball too hard! My poor poor toe. 

Headed home after that! Though things turned sour when I got home,I still had a great Sunday. Thank God<3

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