Sunday, August 8, 2010

Marina Sands

I went to Marina Sands on Monday and boy was it stunning!  I love the architecture! It's so cool. hahah There were a lot of foreigners so there's a lot of hotties! haha I was going insane looking at the amount of hot dudes. hehehehhehehehehehheh There was a guy who sat beside my mom and he's damn hottttttttt. His hair is curly and he's wearing jeans and he's so hot!! Hahaha
ok then we headed to some place to makan which sucked but it's ok. hahaha

Wonderful view!

Cute boy trying to get the camera!

Aw man!I totally killed the picture with me in the mirror! :(

Then we went up to the Sky Garden which cost us like $20 per entry! So expensive but the view was fantastic,

The view was splendid! The lights and all. Woohoo

The swimmming pool was even better! Too bad it's only for hotel guests!

I want to book a hotel and swim there someday! Girlfriends,let's go!

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