Monday, August 9, 2010

Holding up two hearts


I'm at my sister's place and we're watching the NDP show with my 3rd sister as well. Sister time<3

Here's some of the pictures from my sister's camera.

My mom and 2nd sister!

Hahahahahaha This is candid!

She's super gorgeous! Denise Keller.

Hahahaha posing in the waters! Look at the stunning view behind me!

I thank God for my family even though it isn't perfect but I know God one day will answer my prayer and my whole family will turn to God.

It's been great living in Singapore,meeting all the Singaporean friends I have. hahaha

Alright I've to try and study now. I'll spend tomorrow studying,then I'll head to Bible Study! Praise the Lord for everything in my life.

p/s I miss you. Wanted to see you but I just wasn't important enough I guess.
p/p/s caught in the middle

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