Saturday, August 14, 2010

'City Under Siege'

Yesterday I successfully rsvp-ed to Aaron Kwok's new movie 'City Under Siege' and I brought Tiffany along!  I was a little bit apprehensive about the show at the start, 'cause the graphics were a little fake,hahaha. But it was still a good movie nonetheless & the special effects were not that bad as the movie goes on!

Tiffany and I waiting in our seats,not knowing that a great movie is about to unfold in front of our eyes! hahaha

Our movie tickets!

Here's the trailer for you guys to check it out!

& my top 3 reasons on WHY you should watch 'City Under Siege' :


Ok he doesn't look like that in the movie,with the abs and hot body. Hahahaha

This is him in the movie! Why is he dressed like a clown AND holding onto a knife? You got to watch the movie to figure it out for yourself!

Also,Aaron Kwok isn't just hot,he's also damn cute in the movie! Heheheh *all girls will swoon I promise!*
ANOTHER something for you to get curious about, when Sunny( Aaron Kwok) first met Angel(Shu Qi), he's totally different! Everyone in the cinema laughed,hahaha.

2.  The movie appeals to BOTH girls and guys as it has a mixture of sci-fi,action and romance! Not to forget it is also super hilarious!

This is the sci-fi part. Why does he look so horrifying and so beastly?
I've only shown you the side view of this lady here,if you watch the movie,you'll be terrified and glad that you're not like that. hahaha There are Martial Arts involved as well. Director Benny Chan said that he had long wanted to do this kind of film, a superhero movie with kung fu combined with special effects. So be prepared to get your mind blown away! 

Sunny and Angel's cute romance

Their love story is rather tragic. Watch the movie to find out!
3. Not to mention, there is also a fair mix of hot guys and hot babes!

Angel and Sunny (Wonder whether they will be together?)
There's also Zhang Jing Chu as 老太

Collin Chou as the leader of the *uhem* mutant group. But I think you probably wouldn't find him attractive as the movie goes on.
Wu Jing as 老头

With all the pictures from the movie and the wonderful cast,aren't you just tempted to go watch it?
Thank You Omy for letting me watch this movie! Recommend it to all your friends alright? 


♥ ♥ Rene, Gucci's mom ! ♥ ♥ said...

hey I was there too !! hoho..

Ashley said...

Really?! Hhahaha. Didn't see you!

Marie said...

Your photos are on my bloooog ;)